Made due…

Being hit by mother nature in a severe way we did not get to ride the actual route, so we peddled some snow covered roads for a few hours followed by a great lunch and beverages at the Ponds Lodge.

Thanks for all who persevered the storm and joined us for the First Annual West-n-Back, extra kudos to the 3 that came up from Utah. It’s hard to not have a good time among great company and I had an awesome times weekend. Thanks, see ya next year.

Meiser, T, and Fitz all smiles. Thanks JH Limo for the sweet van!!
3,2,1…push you bike, just kiddin, that’s what it would have been on the trails.
Winter wonderland type of day.
Big Tom!
Berg clearing his teeth of all the snow.
Foster our awesome supporter gettin some.
Joe playing with a limp carrot and making snow balls, literally!
Bilers’ love to ride the big bikes.
Great way to end a great day!