Last Minute Ride

Last Friday afternoon Tracey and a friend headed up to the Equinox Snow Challenge in West Yellowstone for the start on Saturday morning. Since West Yellowstone is only 104 miles away we decide that Tracey would take the van with her teammate, gear,  and dogs allowing me to ride up after work. I would be prepared for a possible over night if need be due to a late start and/or the predicted rain/snow that is typical of our spring.

Not that it was a long ride but the truth of it is, I love a ride like this; last minute, questionable weather, into the night, and may or may not make it…

Anyway, it turned out pretty uneventful but very satisfying and went something like this:
It was a cloudy, windy, moderate temperature spring day.
Finished work at 3:30.
Went home, got dressed, loaded up the Vaya’s 2 rear panniers and strapped on a sleeping system.
Went back to the bike shop, slugged a double espresso and took off bout 4:30.

Riding into the dark and then to the Ponds Lodge Bar at mile 70 for 3 PBR’s and a garlic pie which I ate half of.

Rode the last 30+ miles under a star filled sky without a single car and a full belly!

Finished in West at about 1 a.m., just in time as the girls were coming home from the bar.

Had an excellent Saturday watching cheering all the racers.

Even did a skate lap in shorts, it was 60* during the day!!!