Do Everything Bike

This past weekend was the first time riding the skinny wheels this year, as it was mostly among rain and snow, it had me realize the seasons are a changing and with that bikes change. We still have plenty of snow here in the Tetons and more will fall leaving us with plenty of opportunity to continue riding the fat bikes on snow or maybe even some crust cruzing but to tell you the truth I am ready to move on with the seasons, so I can ride my other bikes. I think that means I am getting over it…winter that is…

This is the beginning of the “shoulder season”. In the shoulder season mother nature might be luring you in with the sunshine a shining and then all of a sudden it is snowing as you are next to the hills and then raining as you are cutting across valley. Also, in the shoulder season we are left with wet roads from melt off as well as gravel reminence from winter road maintenance. Most of us wince at riding our nice, race type, road bikes in these conditons, me included, so I have a bike that serves me right this time of year, the Salsa – Vaya.

The Vaya is my do everything bike, how versatile it is. Ride it in marginal weather, don’t care, or sunshiny weather too. Attach panniers, tour with it, it will haul a load. Fit 44mm MTB tires and ride local singeltrack with the dogs with it, they love it. Put fenders on, commute with it, it will love you. Attach a drink holder, bar hop, pick- up beers with it, it can take a crash. It’s the bike I keep on riding, fix it only what I have to, clean it only when I have to. Ride it anytime, all the time –  dirt, pavement, mud, snow and rain – it don’t matter it’s my do everything bike. With that being said it might not be my fastest bike in the stable but it is a favorite!

Ride on, no matter the season.