No Secrets…

The gear I used and carried during my Individual Time Trial of the 2012 Tour Divide ride.

Lets see here, I been a long distant athlete since college, for 18+ years. This gear has been and is figured out first hand for me. I like to learn for myself how things work, hold up, and perform. To me it is part of the fun. One might suspect I use gear of people who sponsor me. Yes, that is true but I bought, used, and tested these products before ever even having relationships with the folks I do. I only enter relationships with products I truly belive in and will always tell it how it is on something.

My kit will change slightly per event, weather, goals, and just plan old trying something new. Again, part of the fun. Sometimes a new product or idea might catch my fancy but I often go back to the basics and things I used originally. This reminds me that I must have thought about plenty prior.

I am pretty much a guy who takes a lot in stride and doesn’t stress out to much over big challenges but I will say things are thought about pretty heavily (what do you think I do when I ride) espically when it comes to my mental preperation. The preperation of gear and riding is fun and all but it is my mind that I really like to prepare when it comes to ultra distant challenges. I spent more time this year thinking about my mental attitude, patience, toughness and how I was going to handle certain situations and push myself further then ever before. To tell you the truth I hardly spent any time riding or fussing with gear, other then building my new Fargo.

Typically they say don’t try or change things right before a race, well sometimes, a lot of times, I am that guy. I am often doing things till midnight before any event and major things for some people. Like this time mounting a brand new wheelset before a 3000 mile ride or finally looking at a route thats going to be embarked…the list goes on…

Anyway, I blame any result on any adventure on my past experince and knowledge – positive and negative. I am not perfect by any means and everytime around I make mistakes. I will always be an amature and constantly leanring, which is something I love!

Hope this was helpful and have fun putting together your kit!!