Getting Dressed

Winter may be inching its way toward the exit in the northern hemisphere, but it is never too late to start planning ahead. Today, Jay Petervary shares some of his knowledge with us.

Jay is perhaps one of the most accomplished, but least heard of, endurance cyclists in the world. He specializes in self-supported events. Among a host of accomplishments, he has twice ridden 1000 miles to Nome in the event now known as the Iditarod Invitational. It is not a journey for faint of heart, nor for those short of winter survival skills.

Jay took this year off from riding to Nome, but did take the time to share his winter expedition riding clothing system with us. This video represents many years of trial and error, experience, and knowledge. We hope it is a benefit to you whether you are riding to Nome, or somewhere else much closer to home.

Many thanks to Jay for his time and willingness to share his knowledge.