Winter Summit & Festival

The 2nd Annual Fatbike Winter Summit and Festival takes place January 25 – 27. If you've got the ways and means to be there, we highly recommend taking part.

Why attend?

Here's some of what Salsa sponsored rider Jay Petervary said on the Fitzgerald's blog the other day:

Can you remember when mountain bikes were first being ridden on dirt? There were user group conflicts as well as many questions of early mountain bikers. It took quite some time and effort to show our place and be welcomed on the trails. Well, guess what, as Fat Bike users on snow trails we are that early mountain biker – using the trails, but not quite fully accepted.

The Fat Bike Winter Summit was created to start the process of fat bikes being recognized as a accepted and responsible user group. Its intentions are to educate and build a set of tools that can be used abroad by others to help gain access on snow trails.

Now some of you are probably saying 'Hey, fatbikes aren't just for snow!' to which we say 'Correct! You score a point!'. But this is a good start, and organizations like IMBA are also starting to look ahead, scope potential issues in advance, and help avoid conflict.

Check out their new Fat Bike Best Practices. I'm pleased to say I'm even responsible for one or two of their suggestions!