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Tentative Route


Route is in Yellow.

Route notes:
-Start at Warm River Campground
-Travel towards Bear Gulch
-Bear Left on to Mesa Falls Trail, take it all the way North to #60
-Turn Right at #60 on to Last Chance Trail (you will cross Hwy. 20 fairly quickly)
-Last Chance Trail to #50
-Right at #50. Cross Hwy 20 and immediatly head North through gas station parking lot and back onto trail. This is Elk Creek Trail.
-Take Elk Creek Trail to #37 and straight to #38
-Turn Right at #38 and follow this to Rail Road Trail #18
-Right at #18 and an immediate Left at #19, part of the Two Top Loop Trail
-Right at #16
-Right at #14
-Take this in to West Yellowstone where there will be a place to either warm up, re-fuel and turn around or start cracking beers and share stories.

-First 20 will most likely be very welcoming.
-Between miles 20 and 35 you will find 2 re-supply (gas stations) on route and multiple bars/restaurants within a mile or so off route.
-The last 15 miles going to West Yellowstone is where you will gain a ridge and then descend.
-It is mostly wooded terrain you will be riding through.
-It is not uncommon for it to be negative temps towards West Yellowstone and it can also be very windy. The Island Park area is known for Kite Boarding, good thing we will be sort of protected in that area.

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