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Final Route


Here is the final route decision for the ride as well as a few notes.

Updated Ride Route (in yellow) – I will have maps for you Friday evening that you may highlight and make notes on.

Route Notes – Use these to help clarify the map.
Start – Across from Harriman State Park. There is a plowed parking area there. Please park with consideration to others, mainly trucks with trailers.
– Head North on Last Chance Trail. Continue straight across Mesa Falls Road and shortly after cross Hwy. 20. Now on the West side of Hwy 20 continue North.
– Continue straight till #50 where you will bear left. This is aprox. 11 miles in.
– Follow, Shotgun Trail, as it winds through and passes several other trail markings, #51, 52, 53, 54, cross the road, bear right in parking lot #55, Stamp Meadows Trail.
– Head up Stamp Meadows Trail till #31/parking area/road intersection.
– Turn right and take road, do not go straight to #65 as it looks on this map, it is not a current map. You will take road for a about a mile and half then cross Hwy 20. I suggest you resupply/eat at the store here, it will be the last before West. This about the halfway point.
– Continue straight down road till #34 and on to #35.
– Left at #35.
– Right at #39
– Left at #40
– Left at #20, Rail Road Trail
– Right at #18, quick left at #19, Two Top Trail.
– Right at #16
– Right at #14. Take this straight on in to West Yellowstone.
At this point you are either finished going to “West” or your going to re-supply and do “West-n-Back”.

*Please check in at the cabin when you arrive in West Yellowstone at the corner of Electric and Hwy 20. You can get there by continuing straight off trail into town several blocks and turn left at Electric. The cabin will be behind the drive thru coffee shop where other folks like yourself will be hanging out. Your welcome to hang and even join the slumber party if your into it, otherwise there are many other places to stay. Or get back on the trail…
*There will be absolutely NO out n back riding from the start on the first 8 miles of trail. That means your buddy/wife/husband can’t ride with you for an hour and turn around. There is a snow machine race going on later in the morning that we must be clear of. If somebody has companions and/or friends helping with some logistics but just wants to get out for a short bit/spin/see there rider I suggest you do that on either end of Stamp Meadows Trail which is accessible by car.

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