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Yellowstone March 1st

50k & 200k
Join me, Jay P in what I call the "Moab of snow riding" along with
Fitzgerald's Bicycles, we are now launching an event to share our rides.
As an avid snow rider and racer myself, multi-year veteran of the recognized
Alaska Ultra Sport, I have always felt my backyard and its surrounding
resources have been nothing but perfect for preparation and training,
without sacrifice or limitation.


Jay P's Backyard FAT Pursuit

It’s been a long time comin’, but the timing is just right – Welcome to JayP’s Backyard Fat Pursuit!

Born out of pure passion for fat biking and feeling incredibly lucky to live in a place that I refer to as the “Moab of snow riding” and with the help of Fitzgerald’s Bicycles, we are now launching an event to share this place and the sport. As an avid snow rider and racer myself, multi-year veteran of the recognized Alaska Ultra Sport, I have always felt my backyard and its surrounding resources have been nothing but perfect for preparation and training, without sacrifice or limitation. As the years go by, the more new trails I ride, the more people are getting into it, the more random inquires I field, the more I talk about places to go, the more comfortable I get with land managers, and the more I think “heck yea, we need a race!”.

Being a pioneer of riding on snow in this area has also allowed me to impact, influence and get involved with snow riding advocacy efforts. This is a real hurdle we all face and one that we have addressed locally. A key lesson of advocacy is bring ideas to the land managers before they bring it to you (in the form of restrictions). Looking back we have built some great relationships with land managers and even been recognized nationally for some of the efforts and guidelines that have been put in place. Yes, we can ride on our Nordic tracks per a set of guidelines. Yes, we have met with our state grooming associates and Forest Service management to learn how things differ from area to area, but ultimately it is public land under that snow, nobody owns the snow! Yes, we did start the quite successful Fat Bike Summit in Island Park.

To keep generating activity and success, keep showing user need for snowbiking, and letting our neighboring national parks (Yellowstone, Grand Teton) see this first hand year after year will only add to the ammunition needed to actually ride in them one day! Riding along the border of Yellowstone National Park, where the race’s long route will take you, is about the closest you can get right now.

Recognizing that the best events are set up with racers’ ease of logistics and needs paramount, that is our main goal. Understanding not everyone wants to ride all day for days, like I do, 2 distances will be offered. Do you think one day you might want to head to the Iditarod Trail? Come do the 200K! Are you interested in a day ride? How about you want to do the 200k, but it is too much for your mate? There is also a 50K. And is that still too much? The options and accessibility to so many different trails can keep anyone entertained. Oh, you’re a rider, but your partner is still saying they are a skier; there’s plenty of nordic and alpine skiing too! The options are endless; don’t make excuses!

With that I introduce to you JayP’s Backyard Fat Pursuit. (BTW - You can count on a “Gravel Pursuit” in the Fall of 2014). This route is sure to be a classic and strong participation will show snowbiking’s growth and excitement and demonstrate our responsibility to our neighboring park managers.

We are not ready to actually open up registration due to Forest Service Permits pending. We have received the verbal “OK”, but don’t want to open it until we receive the signed permit back in our hands.

Details will be added weekly at this point, but there is enough info here to get you thinking.

Course Details

Location - Island Park, Idaho. Race Start – Approximately 50 miles north of Fitzgerlads Bicycles in Victor, ID. See “Racer Info” for more details regarding transportation to the start. Here is the basic course description – more detailed maps and tracks to follow.
50k Race
Start – Warm River Campground
Trails ridden: Beargulch, Mesa Falls Trail, Eccles Trail, Warm River Trail
Finish – NFS Headquaters / Ponds Lodge
200k Race
Start – Warm River Campground
Trails ridden: Beargulch, Mesa Falls trail, Eccles Trail, Warm River Trail, Chick Creek Trail, Black Canyon Loop, South Plateau,Stamp Meadows Trail, Shotgun Trai, Ponds Trail
Checkpoints – Pond’s Lodge (mile 34), West Yellowstone (mile 77), Island Park Village / Sawtelle Resort (mile 108)

Finish – Ponds Lodge

(start finish same for both distances)

Trail Conditions - Without the incredible State run snowmobile grooming program these trails would not exist. There are several PistenBully groomers that go out every single night to keep up with the snow fall and maintenance of this trail network – the most in all of the state.
Trail Grooming Reports:

Race Details and Information

March 1st, 2014, 9:00 am start

Mandatory Gear (working list)
- Front and rear lights. White front, red back. Both mounted and turned on at all times.

200K (all the 50K gear plus the items below)
- 0*F sleeping bag or colder
- Insulated sleeping pad
- Bivy sac or tent
- Stove, fuel, pot
- Fire starter, lighter or matches
- Headlamp
- Map (provided)

Recommended Gear
- down jacket…don’t freeze!
- spare gloves, hat, socks…like your fingers and toes!
- ability to carry 100oz water…don’t get dehydrated!
- calories: candy bar, sandwich, Kate’s Bar…don’t bonk!
- thermos…nice treat!
- goggles…it’s snowy and windy on the ridge!
- GPS, compass, watch, computer…you want to get lost?

/ Mandatory Gear Check
50K – Fitzgerald’s Bicycles on Friday, Feb. 28th, and Saturday, March 1st, at Start Line.
200k – Fitzgerald’s Bicycles on Friday, Feb. 28th. *NO DAY OF CHECK IN*.

Pre Race Meeting / Dinner Feed
Friday Feb 28th, 7:00pm (included in entry)

We will offer / provide transportation from Fitzgerald’s Bicycles to the start line at Warm River Campground, approximately one hour drive. People can also drive to the Pond’s Lodge and we will shuttle them to the start line at a predetermined time the morning of the start. We will also be shuttling back to Fitzgerald’s Bicycles when racers finish after the race (not a set time it is when the vehicle is full and or appropriate).Cut-Offs

SPOT Tracking

Mandatory for 200k. Optional for 50k. We are working with Trackleaders on this, more info to follow.

Athlete360 will be hosting our registration. Cost TBD.

Rules - if you think of the words “ethics, respect and safety” in regards to your fellow competitor, other trail users, the land you are on, the event management and other establishments you come across we don’t feel we need many rules but a few will be created just because. Stay tuned.


Jay P’s Backyard Series Sponsors

If you are interested in sponsoring the Backyard Series, please complete the following form and we will send you a sponsorship packet.

Contact Us for Sponsorship Inquiries

Volunteers Needed

This event could not happen without dedicated volunteers.  Please fill out the following form if you are available to help.

Volunteer Request

Traveling Information

Teton Valley and Island Park are within striking distance of both the Idaho Falls and Jackson Hole regional airports.
Drive time to Fitzgerald’s Bicycles from Idaho Falls – 1 hour (conditions dependent)
Drive time to Fitzgerald’s Bicycles from Jackson Hole – 45 minutes (conditions dependent)

Click on our location to find the best route for you and contact us for any specifics.

You can do it! Contact us for surrounding Fat Bike trail info if you plan on riding to the event!

We recommend staying in Teton Valley, ID before the start of the event for maximum convenience.

Lodging – Teton Valley, ID

Lodging – Island Park, ID – Ponds Lodge

Lodging – West Yellowstone, MT

Contact Jay P

Please send me an email and I'll get back to you, asap.